Public comments sought on updated version of TADAT Field Guide

The TADAT Secretariat at the IMF has issued the Field Guide version 5.0 for public comments. Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) is intended to provide “an objective and standardized performance assessment of a country’s system of tax administration”. This is a useful tool in identifying the “strength and weaknesses in tax administration, systems, processes and institutions” and thereby guide on reform priorities, at this time when a majority of CATA member countries are undertaking far reaching reform initiatives in their revenue administrations. Key performance outcome areas identified by TADAT are:

  •          Integrity of Registered taxpayers
  •          Assessment and Mitigation of Risks
  •          Supporting Voluntary Compliance
  •          Filing of Returns
  •          Payment of Obligations
  •          Ensuring Accuracy of Reporting
  •          Tax Dispute Resolution
  •          Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  •          Accountability and Transparency

 Further information may be accessed under the web link

Gerry Cook