The Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators

CATA, established in 1978 by a decision of the Commonwealth Finance Ministers, helps member countries through conferences, training programmes, publications and knowledge sharing to develop effective tax administrations that promote sustainable development and good governance. Forty-six Commonwealth countries are currently active members of CATA. 


Duncan Onduru, Executive Director of CATA

Duncan Onduru, Executive Director of CATA

We promote excellence in tax administration

The annual CATA Technical Conference

Hosted by a different member government each year, the conference debates important policy and technical issues of current concern to member tax administrations. It is attended by senior tax officials up to commissioner level, representatives of agencies providing aid to lesser developed countries, other interested international organisations and observers from certain non Commonwealth governments. The conference is normally opened by the head of state of the host country, or a delegated minister, and continues for five working days. 

Slideshow, 36th CATA Technical Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2015


Training programmes

CATA sponsors up to six training programmes each year in Commonwealth countries worldwide. Most comprise internet (e-learning) as well as residential phases. Some programmes are for middle level officials and cover technical topics like tax audit and international taxation, while others cater for senior managers and are designed to improve management skills. 

Slideshow, delegates to the 2015 programme Advancing Leadership Potential and the Commonwealth Tax Auditors Course, in the United Kingdom.





CATA is governed by its Management Committee consisting of elected members from fourteen member countries, who are selected by the General Meeting of all members convened every three years. The Committee entrusts the day to day management of CATA to a small Secretariat based in the West Wing of Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London.


CATA publishes practical guides to aspects of tax administration, in both booklet and CD form.These are available for purchase from both the bookshop of the Commonwealth Secretariat and Waterstones. Electronic versions are also available for free download from this web site by serving officials of CATA's member tax administrations.

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Marlborough House, Headquarters of the Commonwealth Secretariat and CATA

Marlborough House, Headquarters of the Commonwealth Secretariat and CATA