ALP/CTAC Delegates commence UK residential phase


Participants in the 2015 CATA UK programs reported for their residential session in Lincoln Inn on 27th July. The programs which are co-hosted by CATA and HMRC will run for the next six weeks during which participants will be expected to finalise and present their research projects.

At a welcoming dinner hosted for the delegates at Lawress Hall, the Deputy Director of HMRC Sue Walton urged participants to take advantage of the diversity and rich presentations that will be delivered during the programs and feel free to engage the facilitators. Noting that the participants had come from diverse country backgrounds, she urged them to freely share their experiences with their colleagues as that was the best way to gain effectively from their time together.

In his welcoming remarks to the participants the Executive Director emphasized the need to come out of these programs with practical solutions which can be implemented by the participants in their respective tax administrations, adding that being middle and senior level managers, the participants are well positioned to spearhead reforms in their countries.

The ceremony was attended by the Course Directors Mrs Fiona Kirk and Paul Stafford, alongside their logistic staff.

Gerry Cook