Personnel changes notified by 17 December 2018


Mr Keneilwe Morris, Commissioner General of the Botswana Unified Revenue Service retired from service on 30th November 2018. His successor has not yet been appointed.

We wish Mr Morris a long and happy retirement.  


Ms Betty Palaso is leaving her role as Commissioner General to become PNG's Ambassador to the Philippines.  Mr Alois Daton succeeds her as the Acting Commissioner General.


Mr Kulu Anisi Bloomfield has left the Inland Revenue Division.  He is succeeded as CEO by Mr Kelemete Vahe.


Mr Ng Wai Choong is the new Commissioner General and Chief Executive of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, replacing Mr Tan Tee How, who retired at the beginning of February.

Profile of Mr Choong


Mr. Ivan Dissanayake is the new Commissioner General, Department of Inland Revenue, replacing Mrs. Kalyani Dahanayake.


Mr Michael S.W. Stephen is the new Comptroller for the Inland Revenue Division, Grenada replacing Mr Corland Forrester.


Mr Charles Edward Kichere was appointed the new Commissioner General of the Tanzania Revenue Authority on 25 March 2017. He was previously Deputy Commissioner General.  Mr Kichere succeeded Mr Alphayo J. Kidata, who has been appointed to a new role as Permanent Secretary to the State House.


Mr Emmanuel Kofi Nti has succeeded Mr George Blankson as the Commissioner General of the Ghana Revenue Authority.  CATA wishes to record its deep appreciation to Mr Blankson for his contribution to the work of the Association, including time spent as CATA's President, and extends best wishes to both Mr Blankson and Mr Kofi Nti for the future.             Profile of Mr Kofi Nti


Mr Sabin Samitah has succeeded Tan Sri Dr Mohd Shukor Mahfar as Chief Executive Officer and Director General, Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. Tan Sri Mahfar is retiring from public service.  As a consequence Mr Sabin Samitah is also the new President of CATA.

On behalf of the Management Committee and the entire CATA membership, the Secretariat conveys deep appreciation to Tan Sri Dr Mohd Shukor Mahfar for his contribution to CATA both as Chairman of CATA's Management Committee and latterly as CATA's President. We wish him a long and happy retirement.


Following the retirement of Mr Peter Finnigan, Mr Jon Swerdlow of HMRC will be the new Country Representative for the UK, and nominee for the post of Vice Chairman of CATA's Management Committee.  We wish Peter well for his retirement. 


Mohammed Noor Ahmad, Inland Revenue Board Malaysia, is the new Regional Director for the Asian Region.


The CATA Secretariat has been notified of the retirement of Ms Alice Owuor whose contract as Commissioner of Domestic Taxes at the Kenya Revenue Authority ended on 30th April, 2016. Alice has been a long serving member of the CATA Management Committee as the alternate CATA Country Representative for Kenya. She also served as CATA Country Correspondent for several years before her elevation to the post of Commissioner. Part of her greatest contribution to the Association has been in serving as a resource person in many CATA Technical Conferences, for which her expertise and experience will be sorely missed. 

On behalf of the Management Committee and the entire CATA membership, the Secretariat conveys deep appreciation to Alice for her dedicated service and contribution to CATA and wishes her all the best in her future endeavours.


Ms Avalisa Viali-Fautua-alii is the new Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Ms Pitolau Lusia Sefo Leau.


Mr Alphayo Kidata is the new Commissioner General of Tanzania, succeeding Mr Rished Bade.


Mr Visvanath Das has succeeded Mr Jitoko Tikolevu as Acting Chief Executive Officer, Revenue & Customs Authority, Suva.


Mr Tom Gray Malata has been appointed the new Commissioner General of the Malawi Revenue Authority.


Mr Corland Forrester has succeeded Mrs Pauline Peters as Comptoller, Inland Revenue and Country Representative for Grenada.


Mr William Babatunde Fowler has succeeded Mr Samuel Ongungbesan as the Executive Chairman of FIRS and Country Representative for Nigeria. 

Profile of Mr Fowler


Ms Faith Maina, Communication Officer, is the new Country Correspondent for Kenya.


Mrs. Kalyani Dahanayake has been appointed as the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue and will serve as the new Country Representative for Sri Lanka.


Mr Peter Finningan, an international relations specialist within HMRC, has taken over from Mr Peter Steed as the new Country Representative for the United Kingdom.  He will also serve as the Vice Chairman of CATA's Management Committee.


Ms Jennifer Moltisanti, Assistant Commissioner for the Australian Taxation Office, has taken over from Mr Brendan Shannon as the new Country Representative for Australia.


Mr Vince Pranjivan, Assistant Commissioner (Atlantic Region) of the Canadian Revenue Agency has recently taken over from Mr Peter Estey as country representative for Canada.  Mr Estey was the CR for several years and attended many Management Committee meetings during that time.


Mr John Lazarou, Director of Inland Revenue Department has replaced Mr George Poufos as Country Representative for Cyprus.


Mr Tan Tee How, previously Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, succeeded Dr Tan Kim Siew as the Commissioner of Inland Revenue on 1 December 2014, following the retirement of Dr Tan Kim Siew. 


Mr Siphithi Sibeko, Senior Manager and Head of International Relations at the South African Revenue Service has recently taken over from Mrs Varsha Singh as the new Country Representative for South Africa.


Mr Kent Clare is the Commissioner of Income Tax for the Income Tax Department, Belize.  Elsie Sylvester, Lizbeth Castillo and Carol Baird deal with his correspondence, including contributions to the member tax news items posted on this site.