Canada - Enhancements to the Knowledge Sharing Platform

Author – Canada Revenue Agency


What’s new on the Knowledge Sharing Platform for Tax Administrations (KSPTA)


Since 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has successfully operated a prototype known as the Knowledge Sharing Platform for Tax Administrations (KSPTA). Since then, it has grown to be available to 182 countries, 16 organizations and roughly 5,500 people. The KSPTA provides an online library of reference material, interactive eLearning courses, an international event management function, and communities of practice to facilitate knowledge exchange between tax administration officials.


Since 2018, the CRA has undertaken a five-year plan to develop the KSPTA into a more robust and scalable platform. Under this plan, the CRA recently launched two enhancements to the KSPTA platform:


·         New e-learning functionalities offering:

o   eLearning courses in multiple languages;

o   tracking and sharing of users’ progress; and

o   reporting students’ results for analysis.


·         The CRA also successfully moved the platform to the cloud as a first step in offering a more robust, scalable experience.


Take advantage of the platform today and register using your work email here:

Duncan Onduru