Hosts are needed for the Senior Leadership Programme – can your tax administration help?


The Senior Leadership Programme (SLP), which is jointly organised with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC), is designed for officials at or with potential to attain the highest levels of leadership within their organisations. The programme underwent some changes in 2018 and was redesigned so that Part 1 of the programme can be delivered outside of the UK. Uganda hosted Part 1 in 2018 and Malaysia was the host earlier this year. In order for SLP to continue to grow and flourish, more hosts are needed for the programmes due to take place 2020, 2021 and 2022. If you think your tax administration can assist, please refer below for further information about hosting Part 1 SLP:

 What would the host country have to provide?

Ideally, we would be looking for the host country to provide some or all of the following:

 ·        Training facilities

·         Accommodation for delegates

·         Meals for delegates

·         Some local logistical support  

Please note that whilst the ideal situation would be for the host country to provide all of the above, say at a dedicated tax training facility with dormitory accommodation, this is in no way essential. If your authority can contribute some of those elements we would like to hear from you. 

What are the benefits of hosting Part 1?

The host authority will be guaranteed five delegate places on the programme. If the host falls within the DAC ODA lists (least developed, other low income or lower middle income countries), HMRC will sponsor these delegates and will pay for all Part 2 costs including flights to the UK. Where the hosting authority is not within this category, HMRC may still be able to provide some level of support for Part 2 of the programme. We will be happy to discuss this. 

How many delegates would need to be accommodated?

The number of delegates attending the programme would be a maximum of 24 (this includes the five delegates coming from the host authority).

What is the duration of Part 1?

Two weeks.  

When is Part 1 usually run?

Ideally March or April (although this is open to negotiation).  

Identifying potential delegates

It is important that the programme is targeted at the right audience. We would, therefore, ask your authority to spend some time identifying potential candidates. The process should ideally start now in order that when the 2020 programme opens for applications, these can be submitted at the earliest opportunity. This in turn will give us the maximum time to prepare for the programme and tailor it to the needs of the attending delegates. Candidates should either already be senior leaders or have the potential and expectation to reach senior positions. If you need to discuss the suitability of a potential candidate, we will be happy to assist. 

In order for us to be able to continue to deliver this highly regarded programme, we do need support from CATA members without which the sustainability of the programme may not be guaranteed in the future.

 We are therefore seeking expression of interest from your organization to host the 2020 programme. 


Thank you in anticipation for your continued support.


Additional information can be obtained from Andy Evans - Director CATA SLP & CATA Programmes:


Andy Evans| Director CATA SLP & CTAC Programmes

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