Strategy workshop for regional tax organisations

The International Tax Compact (ITC) recently organised a workshop for  international and regional tax organisations to discuss and formulate the draft strategic plan for the Network of Tax Organisation (NTO). NTO is an umbrella body that seeks to bring together tax organisations to enhance collaboration and deepen cooperation among them for the benefit of their mutual membership especially in the area of capacity building and research.

The workshop, held in New York City from 10-13th February was attended by the CEOs/Heads of Secretariats of ATAF, ATAIC, CATA, CIAT, CREDAF, PITAA and WATAF. The event was sponsored by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The outcome of the workshop was a draft Strategic Plan spelling out the mission and vision of the organisation, the strategic objectives, the relevant initiatives and the brand logo. There are ongoing discussions to fine tune the document. 

Further information about the workshop


Gerry Cook