Countries embracing TADAT


(Left: Justin Zake- Chief of Unit, TADAT Secretariat)

The uptake of the Tax Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) continues to rise with a number of countries being involved in the training of TADAT Assessors. The framework that gives a 360-degree view of tax administration- based on nine (9) key Performance Outcome Areas (POAs)- has also been embraced by many development partner agencies as a critical tool for identifying existing gaps in tax administration and thereby assisting in designing and targeting the appropriate interventions.  During a recent visit to CATA offices in London, the Chief of Unit and Head of TADAT Secretariat Mr Justin Zake lauded the continuing cooperation between CATA and his Secretariat and noted that a number of CATA member countries have already engaged his Secretariat to train TADAT Assessors who will be engaged on in-country reviews as well as in peer reviews among countries. He said that the process of training is on-going and expressed his readiness to partner with CATA to ensure that the training reaches out to the widest possible audience.  

Justin Zake- Chief of Unit, TADAT Secretariat

Gerry Cook